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Sunday walk


We are dogs lovers just like you and know how much you enjoy having your dog(s) with you as much as they love hanging out with you.

We would love to see your furry friend enjoy a weekend get away with you. We also want to ensure you and your pets safety as well as the other guest at Diamond S Ranch. We ask that you review our PET POLICY prior to making the decision of bringing your furry friend(s) with you.

Pet policy

Please read over the Pet Policy before making the decision of bringing your dog(s) along. We wish for your dog(s) to have a safe and enjoyable time while you're visiting one of our glamping sites at Diamond S Ranch.

The Pet Policy is in place to help keep your dog(s) safe and also for the safety of other guests and their pets.

Pet Policy

2 dog limit.
$100 deposit per dog

- Your pets' immunizations should be current: especially their rabies vaccine.
- Please disclose your dog(s) breed upon making reservation.
- All campground sites require your dog to be on a maximum 6' leash at all times, no retractable leashes allowed.
- Your dog(s) should have a collar with ID tags on at all times.
- All pet droppings must be picked up and disposed of in trash.
- Keep dog barking to a minimal.
- Never leave your dog(s) unattended outside or inside one of the primitive, glamping, treehouse or cabin sites.
- Keep dog(s) off of furniture inside glamping tents, tree house or cabin sites.

Dog owner(s) are responsible for any injury to their pet(s) or other guests and/or their pets that are a result of actions of your pet(s) while on Diamond S Ranch property.

Contact us with any questions

If you have any questions regarding our pet policy please reach out to us.

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